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About Marijo

During the first 15 years of her professional life, Marie-Josée (or Marijo) made herself known as a journalist and news anchor on major TV and radio channels in Canada and abroad.


In 2007, her life took a complete turn when the elders of the Algonquin Nation offered her to embark on a life long path of learning their philosophy and traditional medicine.


Five years later, along with the hereditary chief T8aminik Rankin, she founded Kina8at-Together, a non-profit organization dedicated to the transmission and enhancement of indigenous cultures.


Marie-Josée regularly offers training programs 

inspired by the millennial traditions of the First Nations. Her teaching is also influenced by the rigorous training she received in the field of mindfulness.


Professional and Personal Training programs

Consciousness-raising to the Native World

A must for your organization! This day (or half-day) of training is a great success in institutional and professional circles. It allows both to become aware of indigenous realities, to reflect on our organizational modes, while living an exceptional experience in the heart of the rich anicinape culture.

Loving, Maternal and Warrior
Sharing between women


This three-day workshop for women only is meant to recharge our batteries, get a clearer vision and transform our relationships.


It is offered by Marie-Josée on a regular basis, both in Quebec and in Europe. 

Leadership and Savoir-Être


Leadership is a primordial notion in Indigenous philosophy and traditions. Leadership is not just the prerogative of men. Women also play a leading role. All in an awareness of the common good, in perfect symbiosis with the environment. An ancient wisdom that inspires today's and tomorrow's leaders.

The Sacred fire within
Dare to be yourself and vibrate


Created by Marie-Josée 10 years ago, this method, popularized by her book entitled La leçon de Sitar, allows us to discover our essences, our main strings and our sensitive strings. To finally live the life for which we are made!

Advocating for Mother Earth


The most urgent message we want to convey during these talks and workshops is that of "climate change" that must occur in the human heart and mind. From an Indigenous perspective, it is crucial to take a much more balanced approach to the future of the planet.

The precious Medicine of Dreams


All dreams - even nightmares - have a meaning. What may seem totally incoherent or incongruous from a logical point of view is, however, of great wisdom for the other shore of yourself.

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