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Talks & Training Programs

Consciousness-raising to the Native World

This day (or half-day) of training is a must for professional circles. Powerful and gentle at once, it allows to become aware of the realities of peoples who have experienced the difficulties of colonization. The participants also discover the richness of the Indigenous perspective on the notions of "savoir-être" (their knowledge on how to live together) and their relationship to nature.


This time to pause, where we plunge into the heart of indigenous cultures, allows us to reconnect with the Anicinape in us, i.e. the authentic human being, living in harmony with nature.


This workshop is offered in duet by Elders Marie-Josée and T8aminik. It begins with a powerful exercise, the "Circles Exercice," followed by T8aminik's testimony of his time within the Indian Residential Schools system and the profound gait of forgiveness that followed. T8aminik's testimony, leaves no one indifferent and has been a huge success in all professional circles where it has been proposed to date.

Leadership and Savoir-Être

"My father passed on medicine to me, not power. There is such a difference! For my people, Okima, the true leader, knows that we are all inter-connected. That's why Okima works for the common good. He or she does not speak in a political voice. They speak the language of nature."


This quote from grandfather T8aminik sums up the spirit in which this conference (also offered as a workshop) is offered to the various leaders he and his partner Marie-Josée Tardif are called to meet all over Canada and elsewhere in the world.


In the Native American vision, leadership is not just the prerogative of men. Women play a leading role in all Indigenous communities and organizations. Equal and complementary, women are the spokespersons of the Earth and of the feminine spirit, i.e. all that concerns the power of interiority, listening, silence, reflection and emotional intelligence: assets that the modern world is currently trying to rediscover in order to regain its lost balance.

Advocating for Mother-Earth

When the Algonquins talk about the territory they inhabit, they talk about Nitakinan, "our land" ... But this translation does not do justice to the concept of Nitakinan, because for all First Nations people, the relationship to the Earth is always the same: the Earth is our mother. She can not belong to us. We rather belong to her. 


Native American peoples are recognized as the guardians of the Earth, everywhere in the world. It is not uncommon for grandfather T8aminik to be asked to speak in this capacity. The teaching of Nitakinan is therefore regularly offered (in the form of a talk or a workshop) by Grandfather T8aminik and his partner, Elder Marie-Josée Tardif.

If you invite them to talk about the environment and the warning signs that are spreading on the planet, they will tell you that the current climate changes are only a reflection of the current climate within humankind. A climate change MUST occur ... in the heart of man!

Loving, Maternal and Warrior
Loving, Maternal and Warrior
Sharing between women

This workshop is part of the regular activities offered by Kina8at.


Entitled "Loving, Maternal and Warrior", this three-day workshop is for women who want to take some time for themselves, see more clearly in their lives and transform their relationships.


During these three days, we experience the talking and healing circles. We sing, laugh, cry and learn together. We discover that a united group of women provides an enormous sense of solidarity and complicity.


The teachings are offered by Marie-Josée, who has been studying Native American traditional medicine for many years. She is then joined by Grandfather T8aminik Rankin for the extraordinary ritual of Matato (sweat lodge).


An exceptional time for renewal where one taps in the strength and beauty of sorority, while having the privilege to live an authentic experience of the First Nations wisdom.

The Sacred Fire within
The Sacred Fire within
Dare being yourself and vibrate!

"The most beautiful thing that can happen to us is to discover the fire of our soul and to make our entire life an expression of that inner fire."


This quote from Annie Marquier sums up the training program that Marie-Josée has developed and which has been proven for more than 10 years.


Popularized in her book "La Leçon de Sitar ou l'Art de vibrer de toutes ses cordes", the method created by Marie-Josée allows us to finally evolve on the path for which we are made, vibrating with accuracy and joy of life .


When we play a role in the hope of appearing better or when we wear a mask for fear of displeasing, we feel a sense of emptiness or we are suffocating playing this character who is not us. This keeps us in frustration, loss of meaning and ends up exhausting us. If you recognize yourself in these multiple symptoms, this training program is for you! Discover your essences, which makes you unique. Dare to shine the beautiful sun that you really are!

Dream Catcher
Precious medicine of dreams

There is no better tool than dreams to listen to "the part of ourselves that is bigger than ourselves".


All the answers are to be found within us. Dreams are a royal pathway to better understand what our reason, forgetfulness or our fears may have been hiding for many years.


Dreams are also the birthplace of healing and endless possibilities. They are a gateway to the most beautiful gifts that the human soul can experience!


During these workshops, Marijo quickly teaches us to become autonomous in the understanding of this language which belongs especially to the right hemisphere of our brain, i.e. the feminine part of our being.


This workshop is also an opportunity to make your own dreamcatcher and understand its true meaning according to Indigenous traditions.

Activities abroad
Activities abroad

Marie-Josée lives in Quebec, but she travels very regularly around Norht-America, Europe and elsewhere in the world. Along with Grandfather T8aminik Rankin, they lead talks, ceremonies and workshops in French or in English where ever their services are required.


The activities described above can therefore take place in our new Kina8at Center (north of Montreal) or anywhere else if needed. Discover our public activites planned in the coming months. They are listed in the Calendar section

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